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Student Code of Conduct & Honor

The Student Code of Conduct and Honor mandates that each student enrolled in the BSBA degree program in the Department of Accounting, the MS in Accounting degree program, or in courses offered by the Department of Accounting accept personal responsibility to uphold and defend high ethical standards in all academic endeavors, and to promote an atmosphere of integrity in which all individuals may flourish.  As a student, you are committing yourself to the highest standard of professional behavior, ethics, and conduct in dealings with others, both inside and outside the classroom, which includes, at a minimum:

I. Showing respect for the faculty, staff, fellow students, and non-UL-Lafayette personnel (including recruiters, employers, and other professionals);

II. Respecting the property and the reputation of UL-Lafayette, the Department, its faculty, students, and staff;

III. Never engaging in any conduct that may delay or disrupt class.  This includes, but is not limited to, talking to other students, using electronic devices, reading of non-class related materials, sleeping, or engaging in any activities not authorized by the instructor;

IV. Addressing grievances in a professional, constructive, and appropriate manner;

V. Recognizing that all class documents (including postings by the Instructor to Moodle or other course management websites) are not to be posted to any website, or reproduced for or made available to any individual without written permission of both the instructor and the Department Head.  This includes solutions to publisher-provided materials (including test banks) as well as solutions to Department-provided materials (including the Comprehensive Case) as well as completed or uncompleted course working papers and/or projects;

VI. Adhering to the Departmental policy that no recording devices of any type may be used in class;

VII. Adhering to the Departmental policy that no student computers/tablets, or similar devices, are allowed to be used in class;

VIII. Never attempting to steal or pass off the ideas or work product of another as your own.  Plagiarism is fraud;

IX. Never attempting to secure an unfair advantage over others in the UL Lafayette community through unethical means;

X. Abiding by the University Code of Student Conduct, the B.I. Moody III College of Business Administration Code of Conduct, the Department of Accounting Student Code of Conduct and Honor, the Department of Accounting Exam Policy, course syllabi, and all other University, College, and Department policies and/or rules on academic integrity and conduct; and

XI. Notifying, in a timely manner, the instructor and/or Department Head, as appropriate, when another student is in violation of the preceding.

Failure to abide by this Department of Accounting Student Code of Conduct and Honor will result in severe disciplinary action.  University/College/Department guidelines will be followed in determining appropriate punishment. The range of action can be from a minimum of ZERO on the assignment/exam to an “F” in the course to expulsion from the Department, College and/or University.rtment, college and/or University.