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Our Mission

The Department of Accounting provides quality undergraduate and graduate accounting education that develops the knowledge, skills, and ethical awareness to succeed in a broad range of accounting and business careers and establishes a foundation for life-long learning.

We fulfill our mission through the following:


  • Providing a curriculum that allows pursuit of a wide range of career opportunities and professional certifications.
  • Fostering an understanding of ethical, technological, and corporate social responsibility issues facing the accounting profession.
  • Developing problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.
  • Serving other disciplines with an exposure to basic accounting concepts.


  • Providing resources to enhance student learning.
  • Promoting research activities which lead to journal publications and other intellectual contributions that complement our educational initiatives.
  • Supporting professional development through participation in regional and national academic and professional activities.
  • Encouraging service to the University, the College, the Department, and the profession.


  • Partnering with area accounting professionals and other stakeholders to develop mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Providing career development opportunities for current and future leaders in the accounting profession.
  • Promoting regional economic development.

"Advancing Knowledge,Transforming Lives"